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WordPress Website Design London

WordPress Website Design London

WordPress is a widely spread content management system (CMS) used to create and modify digital content. This website building platform offers many advantages, from simple usage to numerous templates and plugins. These key features are the main reason why many companies are interested in WordPress website design in London.

Creating an impressive website is facilitated by WordPress, however, choosing to work with our dedicated web design company in London will ensure that your new website is optimized, attractive and easy to use. Navigating through the different options offered by WordPress and using the most suitable plugins for your business is made easier by our team of experts.

We briefly outline the advantages of using WordPress below and present a few key steps for web creation using this platform. For more details on WordPress web design in London you can always reach out to our agents.

The advantages of using WordPress for your website

WordPress is a powerful website builder and it allows individuals to create and manage their own website whilst remaining open-source and flexible. Here are some of the main reasons why one would be interested in WordPress web design in London:

  • Free: this is a free software and it can easily be used at one’s own convenience; this means that it is an open-source software that offers most of its features cost-free; plugins and other features are however subject to fees;
  • Easy to customize: WordPress offers a very wide range of free themes and for most users who do not need a website with a special design, an available theme will suit their needs; however, those who need a design to match their brand identity can go a step further by talking to the agents at;
  • Easy to manage: once you decide on a template, the website will also be easy to use from the admin dashboard;
  • Safety first: WordPress website design in London is also preferred because this platform is a very secure platform for website creation and hosting.

If these features suit your needs, you can reach out to our team to start building your website.

Wordpress Web Design London

Steps for WordPress website design in London

The decision to launch the company website is an important one and, understandably, one needs to keep in mind that the website will be the virtual card, how the business is perceived and rated by clients in the UK or even worldwide.

Website design is thus extremely relevant and especially important for e-commerce businesses, those who will use the platform to sell their goods and services.

There are several steps related to WordPress website design in London that you need to go through. Our team can discuss these further as you move along with your project.

  1. Decide the domain name: this is an essential step and it resembles choosing the name of your company (the domain name should actually include the brand name or an abbreviation for easy association);
  2. Pick the theme: when using WordPress, the process is straightforward and easy to understand; the first step is to choose one of the available themes;
  3. Choose the plugins: several ideas include those for contact forms, online payments (if applicable), Google Analytics, search engine optimization and others;
  4. Create and launch: start creating the pages and introducing content to your new website and when all is finalized and polished, launch your WordPress website.

It is advisable to seek professional WordPress website design in London in order to make sure that the website is fully functional across all platforms (desktop and mobile) and that is optimized according to the latest rules (also called search engine optimization – SEO).

We also invite you to watch the following video on WordPress websites:

Types of websites you can create with WordPress

WordPress can be used to create various types of websites. In fact, its adaptiveness is one of the main reasons why it is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). One of the first questions clients may ask us when we suggest using this platform is whether it will be suited to the specific type of website they had envisioned. In many cases, WordPress is a suitable choice. Here are some types of websites for which this platform can be used:

  • Personal website: you can start your own page or blog with the help of WordPress;
  • Portfolio: the platform can be used to create a portfolio that can be easily shared or accessed;
  • Business website: this platform can be used to create a professional-looking page for your company;
  • eCommerce: with the help of our team, WordPress can be the base for your online store;
  • Podcast: you can start your own podcast using WordPress as a platform; users can easily subscribe to your show via this platform;
  • Online courses: you can easily upload the material you will be offering for free or via a subscription;
  • Specialized website: included here are job boards, school websites, online communities, or an auction website (as WordPress allows for simple online payments).

As you can see, these examples show that this CMS can be used for websites that offer more than text. Video and audio files can be easily used and accessed via a website designed in this way because of the built-in media uploader offered by the platform.

These are just some ideas for how WordPress can be used. You can reach out to us if you wish to open one of the types of websites described above.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that is written in PHP and it is paired with one of two types of databases. Like all other types of content management systems that are currently available to general users, WordPress has its own advantages. If you would like to know more about other common CMS software, you can reach out to the team at our web design agency in London.

WordPress website mobile optimization

Our smartphones are our instant connection to the world and any company that is willing to have a strong online presence (and remain close to its current and future clients) can benefit from optimizing its WordPress website for mobile.

Our WordPress website design in London team is able to adapt your website for mobile users. This includes, but is not limited to, minimizing elaborate graphics (perhaps cutting down on elaborate graphics that are present on the desktop version to speed up the loading time) and choosing the text wisely (minimization is also used in this case as mobile users have limited space on their screens).

Proper mobile optimization will also increase your webpage’s chances of ranking higher in Google searches. Reach out to our team specializing in WordPress website design in London for more details. Our team knows the importance of this step. This is why part of the website design and preparation will be made with mobile in mind.

  • Theme adaptiveness: the WordPress theme you choose should be on that will be able to adapt to multiple screen sizes; when this takes place, website owners will not need to run a separate, custom mobile site; most of the WordPress themes are mobile-optimized, however, our team can help you check this feature;
  • Page Speed: this is an important characteristic used by Google to determine search ranking; AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) developed by Google allows pages to load faster; our team can help you use this open source framework on your WordPress page;
  • Plugins: some pages may require the usage of a mobile optimization plugin and there are several provided by WordPress in order to enhance the mobile version of the website (one of them is WordPress mobile pack);
  • Optimized images: mobile users need to be able to enjoy their mobile browsing experience, this means that the page should load fast (as previously mentioned) and for this to be possible, the photographs need to be optimized to a good size (WordPress can do this in its latest versions by automatically using the smallest possible version of the image available on the server);
  • Pop-ups: they are inconvenient for most users although they are a frequently used engagement method; they should be adjusted for the mobile version and you should pay attention that they are not full-screen.;
  • Test with Google: the friendliness of a WordPress website mobile version can be testes with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool; our team can help you check this and handle what needs to be improved;
  • Good web host: your web host should be a reliable one; this is applicable in general but it also has an impact on the quality of your website’s mobile version.

Monitoring your website’s performance on both desktop and mobile is essential and the goal should be to keep both versions as user-friendly as possible. Below, our specialists in WordPress website design in London also briefly outline how to keep track of your website’s performance.

WordPress design trends

Do you already have a WordPress website? Our team can help you refresh its look and update it to serve your needs in 2021. The platform offers more than 30,000 themes that can be suited to any need and keep up with the rapidly changing design trends. While you do not need to follow design trends, some of the ones that are becoming more popular can help your website stand out from others in the market or even the ones of your competitor’s, especially if your business is online-based. Here are some of the 2021 design trends that you may wish to incorporate in your newly-designed website or your reimagined one:

  1. Video backgrounds: while these do not go hand in hand with fast load speeds, they are very effective in grabbing the visitor’s or client’s attention; videos can help create an immersive experience and can be used to provide information without the user being forced to read through a lengthy block of text;
  2. Asymmetrical design: is another way to catch the attention of the visitor through a truly unique, and perhaps unexpected layout;
  3. Colour: bold and vibrant colours are another sure way to grab your visitor’s attention; what’s more, you can even make use of colour psychology;
  4. Minimalism: is the opposite of the video background in the sense that it allows exactly for a fast loading speed; with the help of an experienced team of designers, such as our team in London, you can have a very aesthetically pleasing minimalist website;
  5. One-page websites: keeping in line with minimalism to a certain extent, one-page design is eye-catching through its simplicity; it can be successfully used for websites that do not require much content and it can also be a suitable option for making your website mobile-friendly.

In WordPress, the basic theme allows you to choose from layouts, offers several widgets options, and allows the user to create the front page as well as decide on how the page and posts will look. The second type of theme is one with a visual builder and the third type is one that is designed to integrate with page builders. A designer will use specific tools for WordPress design to be able to work on the website as a whole or in different parts thereof and in many cases, the choice will be to use a page builder.

Our web design company in London can help you implement any of the design trends briefly described here. Reach out to us if you wish to know how you can implement these to suit your business or eCommerce website.

WordPress key performance indicators

All website owners should be able to determine how their website is performing. The key performance indicators used for WordPress websites include the following:

  • Traffic: the overall website traffic and where it is coming from; these can be organic searches (when an individual searched and clicked from a search engine), direct visitors (typed in the URL directly into the search bar), social (from social media or content posts) and referrals (when the link to your website features on another site was followed through);
  • Visitors: multiple visits, new visitors and returning visits are all useful for indicating how well your digital strategy is doing;
  • Sessions: the duration of the session (the number of visits) is an important metric as to how long a user spends on your website can determine whether or not the experience is a pleasant one;
  • Pages: here we can include two different metrics: most visited pages and the total number of pages viewed;
  • Bounce rate: the number of visitors who only visit one page and then close your website;
  • Conversion rate: how many of the site visitors male a download, a sale or subscribe; this is an important metric to pay attention to;
  • Social media: engagement across your social media channels can be important in the overall WordPress site strategy and optimization; increased social media posting should result in an increase in the number of visitors on your website.

For a complete list of performance indicators, please reach out to the experts at our web design company in London.

WordPress usage statistics

The numbers show that WordPress is a leading platform worldwide. This is also one of the reasons why our web design agency in London will propose these solutions to clients to which we believe that it would match their needs.

Below, we present several statistics for WordPress usage:

  • WordPress is used to power approximately 35% of all the internet pages;
  • When referring solely to content management systems websites, then 60% of these are powered by WordPress – an impressive number and a good reason to choose WordPress website design in London;
  • More than 400 million people visit WordPress powered websites each month;
  • It is estimated that 28% of all e-commerce uses WooCommerce – the open-source e-commerce plug-in for WordPress.

Are you ready to start your website and wish to use WordPress to do so? Our team can make it easy for you to start using this platform and take advantage of all the plugins and possibilities.

Contact our web design London firm for more information on how we can help you.