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Create Ecommerce Website in UK

Create Ecommerce Website in UK

A beautiful design, easy access to different product pages, user-friendliness and multiple payment options as well as flexible shipping are all attributes of a well-designed online store and they should be thoroughly taken into consideration by all business owners who wish to create an ecommerce website in UK. Customers look for platforms that are easily accessible, not only well designed. This is why a good marketing strategy as well as search engine optimization are equally important after setting up the website.

At our web design company in London we offer bespoke solutions for companies that are looking to move their business online. Our team of designers handles the website set up and our SEO specialists make sure that your new ecommerce platform is present in client searches online.

In this article, we briefly outline the main issues to take into consideration when one decides to create an ecommerce website in UK. For more information, as well as adequate assistance during this process, please feel free to reach out to our specialists.

How do I set up an online shop in UK?

An online shop may be a suitable solution for many creators as well as businesses large or small that are selling products or services that are suitable for online purchase (meaning that they can be either shipped to the clients or acquired and used via online means). Understandably, not all business are suitable for this format, however, any company can benefit from setting up its website and our web design agency in London provides services to businesses across all industries.

Once you have determined that ecommerce is suitable for your business model, it is time to set up a budget and decide to create an ecommerce website in the UK. The budget will be very useful when not only creating the site or platform itself but also for digital marketing purposes, a step that will be essential in order for your new shop to gain visibility.

You can opt to use a marketplace, however, having your own online store has clear advantages, such as a higher level of control and no costs related to listing and transaction fees.

Companies based in the east of the city can reach out to us for east London web design services.

Which website builder is best for ecommerce?

There are several website builders that can be used to set up an e-commerce website. These range in complexity and some are even suitable for beginners. However, it is highly advisable to request the services of a specialized team, such as the one at our web design agency in London. Building a new website is a task that is both complex and that has to take into account a number of issues, from programming to user experience, especially when creating a platform that will be used for selling products and services, such is the case for e-commerce.

In order to create an ecommerce website in UK, one needs a flexible setup and the right marketing strategy that can maximize sales. These are not included in a standard package offered by a website building platform.

We invite you to watch a video about ecommerce websites:

How can a web design company in London help me?

Our web design agency in London offers bespoke ecommerce website creation solutions. This means that our team analyzes your business, how you can benefit from selling online and establish a strategy concerning the purchase, order and shipping process that will be implemented online. We can help with the following:

  • Ecommerce platform development: our web designers and programmers are accustomed to using various platforms and we can provide an open-source solution as well as more complex ones;
  • Mobile optimization: today, many people shop on mobile; our team can create an ecommerce website in UK that is also streamlined for mobile use;
  • Search engine optimization: our packages can also include search engine optimization, both on-page through keyword optimization and meta tags and technical SEO that will help search engines find your website efficiently;
  • Other features: we can implement a number of optional ecommerce add-ons such as multiple payment gateways, having a multilingual website, allowing for membership and customer history options and many more.

UK e-commerce statistics

According to the Office of National Statistics, ecommerce sales in the UK non-financial sector rose by 18% in 2018 compared to the previous year. Some highlights include the following:

  • the year-on-year growth was of 688 billion £ in 2018, compared to 2017; this was the largest annual growth since 2014;
  • 5% of the turnover for businesses with 10 or more employees was from ecommerce in 2018;
  • website sales are significant in the wholesale and retail sector, with a value of 107.9 billion £ in 2018 for the wholesale sector, followed by retail with 54.2 billion £ sales.

If you are in need of personalized assistance for creating an ecommerce website please feel free to contact our web design agency in London.