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Develop a WordPress Website in London

Develop a WordPress Website in London

WordPress is a website software that can be used to create a functional website or a blog. It is a tool that is used by many companies or individuals who wish to set up their own website and it offers numerous advantages, among which a high number of themes, widgets and plugins. Our team offers WordPress web design in London and our services are suitable bot for companies that are based in the UK and those that are located all around the world.

We have designed WordPress websites for companies across various industries. We specialize in customization and the integration of plugins and widgets that are useful in a particular line of work.

If you are looking towards starting your new website, or are thinking of updating an existing one to WordPress, our web design agency in London is ready to help you.

The key features of a WordPress website

Many companies and individuals choose WordPress web design in London because this builder is a flexible one and it can be used by companies that simply want to establish their online presence as well as those that are looking forward to selling their products online.

The main advantages of WordPress are the following:

  • Simplicity: website creation is simple using this builder; there is no need for a course and there is no specific need for programming code;
  • A multitude of themes: WordPress is known to allow its users to access a database filled with many styles of themes;
  • Growth: the builder has many easy to use add-ons and features; the available plug-ins are useful for many businesses;
  • Payments: WordPress web design in London is advantageous because websites built with this platform allow for recurring payments.

WordPress offers multiple package options and a free solution for those who are interested in creating a basic and simple website. While the fact that the builder is free for all is a clear advantage, we do remind you that important features, such as personalizing your website, access to email and choosing a custom domain are only available with the personal package, suitable for personal use. The premium, business and e-commerce packages offer distinct features that are important for companies.

Quick Facts  

  Pre-design steps

Choose a web host and
pick a domain name

WordPress theme More than 31,000 including
premium options

WordPress plug-ins

More than 50,000 included in the WordPress Plugin Directory
WordPress pages

Basic options, as well as advanced configurations

Mobile WordPress websites Yes, WordPress is mobile friendly
Personalized content for the WordPress website in UK

Upon request, our team offers personalized and original content for the WordPress website

WordPress website SEO Special SEO plugins are available
WordPress website for e-commerce Yes, possible by adding eCommerce features and plugins 
Customized design for WordPress web design in London Upon request, from our team of designers; we create custom templates
Web design duration (approx.) 4 – 5 weeks
WordPress website subscription WordPress plans start at £7.03 ($8) for freelancers and £21.98 ($25) for small businesses
WordPress website in London advantages

Easy setup, a simple and straightforward interface, responsive design, reduced costs in most cases

WordPress website recommended for Businesses of all sizes, online stores in the UK, for online portfolios or blogs
Special WordPress web design packages Our special WordPress packages focus on personalized theme design, as well as adding special features, such as eCommerce ones
WordPress web design in London and other cities Our team offers solutions for companies in London, as well as the rest of the UK 

When interested in WordPress web design in London, one should be mindful of these features and the fact that a professional website for a company is more suitably created using one of the four payment plans available, as they offer access to indispensable features for growth and development.

WordPress websites have many advantages, in fact, the pros list is quite larger than the cons one. Apart from the ones mentioned above, we can also include the large developer base and its longevity (in an ever-changing digital world, WordPress has been in existence for more than 10 years and this allows for a significant level of confidence). What’s more, WordPress is great for search engine optimization. There are plugins that can help with this task and when you choose to work with a team of designers, such as those at our web design agency in London, we will make sure that SEO is optimized on your platform. In fact, WordPress is one of the best content management systems (CMS) to use – and it is open source.

As far as the cons are concerned, there are only a few and our team can help you fix them. One issue that may be of concern when considering WordPress website design in London is the fact that WordPress can be slow, however, this is only in some cases, namely those situations in which the developer is not experienced or when the client uses the platform to create only a basic website – now having the sufficient knowledge for backend changes (meaning that he does not have the expertise to edit the pages and tailor them to specific needs). There are workarounds to this issue and our team can happily help you if you already have a WordPress website that has not benefited from expert customization.

Securing your website is another issue that deserves attention. In fact, we highly advise our clients to prioritise this. With our help, your WordPress website can be a secure one and the common types of attacks will almost never be of real concern. Hacking should not scare you, as this is an issue that can be controlled by our team of experts.

If you do wish to have a very custom website, WordPress may not be your best option, as many existing templates can look a little generic. There is a reason why most templates are offered by WordPress in this form: they need to fit a large number of different businesses. However, this is only the case for premade templates and clients who choose to work with or designers will be given plenty of options for customization. The limitations of the template are only as real as the developer’s limitations. You can reach out to us to find out more about how we can customize a new WordPress website or customize your website that now uses a generic, pre-made template.

The WordPress design services offered by our web design London team are tailored to the needs of your company and whether or not you are planning to sell on the new platform. If this is a decision that will be made later on, our team will help you integrate the online store.

We help companies based throughout the city. You can reach out to us if you are interested in east London web design solutions.

WordPress services offered by our web design agency in London

We understand the advantages of the WordPress builder and we will offer this solution after an initial consultation and after a discussion about your growth targets. We will also discuss your e-commerce needs, if applicable, as well as the overall digital marketing strategy. Our web design company in London favors this integrated approach because we understand the importance of establishing a good online presence and having a sustainable long-term strategy. Companies that also focus on their digital marketing scheme will have much to gain in the future, as their business (and online platform) grows.

When we offer services related to WordPress web design in London, we discuss the following:

  • your project: we will first look at your requirements and whether or not this website builder is the right solution for you;
  • your theme and design: our services include personalized theme creation and design, which is important when building your brand identity and creating a website that is optimized for user experience;
  • widgets and plugins: we help you select the most useful widgets and plugins, ones that will be functional and that will integrate in a suitable manner;
  • others: we can provide services related to the customization of your admin screen for the WordPress platform as well as provide services related to the transfer of an old website to WordPress.

Our team specializing in WordPress web design in London offers bespoke services to companies across all business fields. If you are interested in knowing more, please reach out to us.

Wordpress Web Design LondonSteps for WordPress web design in London

The decision to launch the company website is an important one and, understandably, one needs to keep in mind that the website will be the virtual card, how the business is perceived and rated by clients in the UK or even worldwide.

Website design is thus extremely relevant and especially important for e-commerce businesses, those who will use the platform to sell their goods and services.

There are several steps related to WordPress web design in London that you need to go through. Our team can discuss these further as you move along with your project.

  1. Decide the domain name: this is an essential step and it resembles choosing the name of your company (the domain name should actually include the brand name or an abbreviation for easy association);
  2. Pick the theme: when using WordPress, the process is straightforward and easy to understand; the first step is to choose one of the available themes;
  3. Choose the plugins: several ideas include those for contact forms, online payments (if applicable), Google Analytics, search engine optimization and others;
  4. Create and launch: start creating the pages and introducing content to your new website and when all is finalized and polished, launch your WordPress website.

It is advisable to seek professional WordPress website design in London in order to make sure that the website is fully functional across all platforms (desktop and mobile) and that is optimized according to the latest rules (also called search engine optimization – SEO).

We also invite you to watch the following video on WordPress websites:

WordPress website mobile optimization

Our smartphones are our instant connection to the world and any company that is willing to have a string online presence (and remain close to its current and future clients) can benefit from optimizing their WordPress website for mobile.

Our WordPress website design in London team is able to adapt your website for mobile users. This includes, but is not limited to, minimizing elaborate graphics (perhaps cutting down on elaborate graphics that are present on the desktop version to speed up the loading time) and choosing the text wisely (minimization is also used in this case as mobile users have limited space on their screens).

Proper mobile optimization will also increase your webpage’s chances of ranking higher in Google searches. Reach out to our team specializing in WordPress website design in London for more details. Our team knows the importance of this step. This is why part of the website design and preparation will be made with mobile in mind.

  • Theme adaptiveness: the WordPress theme you choose should be on that will be able to adapt to multiple screen sizes; when this takes place, website owners will not need to run a separate, custom mobile site; most of the WordPress themes are mobile-optimized, however, our team can help you check this feature;
  • Page Speed: this is an important characteristic used by Google to determine search ranking; AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) developed by Google allows pages to load faster; our team can help you use this open source framework on your WordPress page;
  • Plugins: some pages may require the usage of a mobile optimization plugin and there are several provided by WordPress in order to enhance the mobile version of the website (one of them is WordPress mobile pack);
  • Optimized images: mobile users need to be able to enjoy their mobile browsing experience, this means that the page should load fast (as previously mentioned) and for this to be possible, the photographs need to be optimized to a good size (WordPress can do this in its latest versions by automatically using the smallest possible version of the image available on the server);
  • Pop-ups: they are inconvenient for most users although they are a frequently used engagement method; they should be adjusted for the mobile version and you should pay attention that they are not full-screen.;
  • Test with Google: the friendliness of a WordPress website mobile version can be testes with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool; our team can help you check this and handle what needs to be improved;
  • Good web host: your web host should be a reliable one; this is applicable in general but it also has an impact on the quality of your website’s mobile version.

Monitoring your website’s performance on both desktop and mobile is essential and the goal should be to keep both versions as user-friendly as possible. Below, our specialists in WordPress website design in London also briefly outline how to keep track of your website’s performance.

WordPress key performance indicators

All website owners should be able to determine how their website is performing. The key performance indicators used for WordPress websites include the following:

  • Traffic: the overall website traffic and where it is coming from; these can be organic searches (when an individual searched and clicked from a search engine), direct visitors (typed in the URL directly into the search bar), social (from social media or content posts) and referrals (when the link to your website features on another site was followed through);
  • Visitors: multiple visits, new visitors and returning visits are all useful for indicating how well your digital strategy is doing;
  • Sessions: the duration of the session (the number of visits) is an important metric as to how long a user spends on your website can determine whether or not the experience is a pleasant one;
  • Pages: here we can include two different metrics: most visited pages and the total number of pages viewed;
  • Bounce rate: the number of visitors who only visit one page and then close your website;
  • Conversion rate: how many of the site visitors male a download, a sale or subscribe; this is an important metric to pay attention to;
  • Social media: engagement across your social media channels can be important in the overall WordPress site strategy and optimization; increased social media posting should result in an increase in the number of visitors on your website.

For a complete list of performance indicators, please reach out to the experts at our web design company in London.

WordPress SEO and security

WordPress is a very popular content management system and this is testimony to its qualities, however, unfortunately, it also makes it vulnerable to hacking, as it is easy to target more than 33% of all websites on the web that run WordPress. However, its popularity and the likelihood of hackers who are interested in targeting these websites does not make it in itself insecure. It means that it is widely popular are there are chances that it will be targeted particularly because it is so largely used. Good WordPress hosting is the first step to ensure security and our web design London team can help you with this first essential step, as well as other precautions.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is easy in case of WordPress website design in London because of how the pages are set up from the point of view of the URL as well as how they are tagged. The real star of the SEO readiness however is the large number of plugins that can be integrated and used into the platform. Free and paid versions are available and our team can give you more details and, what’s more, we can help you set up your SEO strategy, understand why it is important and how it works so that your new website (or your old, redesigned one) can climb higher in search engine results.

WordPress statistics

According to a 2020 statistic, WordPress powers 37.6% of all websites and it is the most popular content management system (CMS). Other interesting data shows the following:

  • 7% of the top websites in the world are powered by WordPress;
  • more than 500 sited are built each day using this platform;
  • there are more than 55,000 plugins available for WordPress from its Plugin Directory.

As highlighted in this article, there are solid reasons why WordPress is a popular platform. You can create a beautiful, easy-to-use, and user-friendly website and at the same time make sure that it is secured and optimized (with a few tweaks). The prices for WordPress web design vary according to the actual package you are requesting. Our team encourages you to reach out to us for an initial consultation so that we can better understand your requirements, how you hope to use the website, and what you will be using it for (whether it will simply be a presentation or a portfolio page or a more complex e-commerce website). The price difference will also vary according to whether or not you select custom development as opposed to a pre-made or generic template. As previously mentioned, this can make a great difference in how your website looks and is perceived by your clients. Once you decide to contact us and provide us with the basic details about your website we can give you more details about the costs and how long it will take to build your WordPress website.

Contact us for personalized Word Press web design in London.