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Why Is a Website Important for Your Business in London?

Why Is a Website Important for Your Business in London?

Your website is your calling card to the world, how clients will get to first know about your services or products (and their prices) and it is worth designing it in such a way that it will speak truthfully of you, launching your company into the world. Online and social media presence is ever-more important. As businesses and employees are undergoing a shift towards a more web-based presence, the business website is as important as it’s even been.

Particularly in London, where companies and start-ups from around the world are making an effort to stand out, a beautiful and custom-made website can make the difference that matters.

If you are looking for the most important reasons why a website is important for your business in the United Kingdom, read below the list presented by our web design London team.

It offers a good first impression

A good website helps you stand out from your competition. When the platform is handled by a team of experts, such as our web design agency in London, the loading times will not hinder the user’s experience and he or she will have a pleasant time browsing your website given the fact that our team of specialists has implemented a user-friendly design.

Save from the quality of the services you provide – which clients will only get to know if they choose to work with you – your website is the one that speaks in your name long before you have the chance to.

If you are based in the southern part of the city, our team can help you benefit from having a new website. Simply reach out to us for services related to web design in south London.

It helps your clients

Not only are you building your brand and consolidating your online image when you launch your website, but you also help your clients understand your company, your missions, and values and, most importantly, but they will also understand what you offer as they will have the change to see a curated list of services or beautifully presented products – making them likely to choose you.

According to the Office for National Statistics in the UK, 96% of households in Great Britain had internet access in February 2020, and internet connections in households with one adult of 65 years or more have increased by 7% since 2019. This means that having a website for your company in London means that you will reach a high percentage of clients of all ages throughout the United Kingdom.

It helps you rank high

This can also apply to the London business environment, however, we are talking about search engine optimization and ranking high in search results on popular engines such as Google. When you choose to have your website professionally designed and optimized, for example when you choose one of the packages offered by our web design company in London, you can rest assured that your website will also be optimized from a search engine ranking point of view.

Our team handles issues like keywords, original content, photo optimization, and other small details so that they are in accordance with the latest updates for good rankings. This way, when a client searches for a product or service associated with a keyword in use on your website, you are very likely to be included on the first page of results.

It is easy

We are not saying that web design is easy for everyone, although WordPress has a number of advantages and functionalities that make it easy to use as a base for your website – plus, our team can help with the initial design phase.

It is easy to have your own website and all you have to do is collaborate and communicate your vision to the team of experts at our web design agency in London.

In summary, the main steps for creating a website are the following:

  1. Your needs: the initial discussion phase aims to answer a number of important questions, such as the purpose of the website (simple services presentation or an online store?) as well as the main features you wish to implement;
  2. The sitemap: our team will then work on the skeleton of the website, its main pages and menus;
  3. The content: we will then start working on individual pages, populate them with original content and pictures and work on search engine optimization;
  4. Test and launch: we perform a preliminary test to make sure that everything is well put together and then we plan the site launch.

Speaking of WordPress design, a few interesting statistics about this website builder are the following:

  • it is used by 38.8% of all websites on the internet;
  • it powers 14.7% of the top websites in the world;
  • it offers more than 55,000 plugins.

If you already have a website and are interested in the steps for website redesign, you can always reach out to WebDesign.UK.

Contact us today if you wish to know more about the advantages of having a website for your London business based on your actual needs and the industry in which you operate. The specialists at our web design company in London will be able to answer all your questions.