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Website Wireframe Programmer in London

Website Wireframe Programmer in London

Your website is designed to meet specific needs, and this means that it will have a certain structure that needs to be designed in advance. A website mockup design is commonly used for this purpose.

This mockup is also called the wireframe of your future website. Combined, these are the wires or the mockups, and they are used as the skeleton, in a sense, upon which your future website will be created.

Read below if you wish to find out more about the process of using these wireframes. You can always reach out to our web design company in UK for more details about our process.

What is wireframe programming?

As previously mentioned, when working with our clients we will use a website mockup design in London. This means that we will first develop the structure using a blueprint.  This is a schematic, a drawing of the future structure of the website we are building for you.

When designing the software, our team will use multiple versions until we will make sure that we will find a good one. For this purpose, before our web design UK programmer starts working on writing the code, we will try on these mockups to find out which works best.

You should note that the mockup design is not the final design of the website and the final version will be built later on, once other decisions have been made and with the help of a visual designer.

How does our WebDesign UK developer use a wireframe?

We use the blueprint version to be able to clearly discuss with you the future look of your website. Having proper feedback from our clients is a key step throughout the process, and we use the website mockup design in UK to go through several iterations, before reaching a version for which the code will be written.

Why is wireframe programming the preferred method?

Our web design company in London discusses each project in detail and our developers will review the format with you each step of the way. However, in practice, it is simpler for our programmers to discuss and review a wireframe, compared to updating the concept design after each new revision. The manner in which a wireframe is designed makes it much easier to change and adapt as per the instructions we receive from our clients.

Wireframing is essential in visualising a design that will allow for a good user experience as it highlights the elements that will exist on the main pages, as well as their exact position on the page. We use this method as it allows for easy visual understanding.

How will our web design London programmer help you?

Wireframe programming aims to answer two questions:

1. how can we design a website that will meet our client’s needs? and

2. how will we know if this is a suitable idea?

Sketching can be another word used for the phase of website mockup design in London, however, it is much more than a simple drawing as it means to accomplish the important goal of having been validated for its final purpose.

The team of experts at our web design agency in UK will present a number of ideas and will discuss and critique them to find out which are suitable. The mockups will be used throughout this phase to allow you, the client, to visualize how the website will look. We remind you that the use of wireframe programming means that the code has not been written yet.

Your new website

Deciding to have a new website, or reviving an existing one, is a highly customized process and wireframing is only the first part, which takes place early in the design process. By properly handling this step, our web design agency in London makes sure that the basic structure is approved and the visual design and, later on, the content, will be used to build upon it.

Your website has an important role for your business success and our team never underestimates this. In fact, we can look at the data provided by the Office for National Statistics to know that the number of internet users in the UK is growing in 2020:

  • 92% of the adults in the UK were recent internet users, compared to 91% in 2019;
  • almost all adults aged 16 to 44 recently used the internet when the survey was made, 99%;
  • however, older adults are also browsing, as the data revealed that 54% of adults aged 75 years and over were recent internet users;
  • 81% of the disabled adults also used the internet recently when the survey took place;
  • London remains the area in the UK with the highest recent internet use, at 95%.

You can make your London business known if you have a website designed by a team of specialists. Contact our web design London team for more information about our services and to find out more about how we help build your new website.