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Webdesign Services in UK

Are you looking for quality web design services in London? Our company offers bespoke solutions, according to project size, business field as well as important marketing targets such as organic traffic increase. We provide modern web solutions and design, with a focus on user experience and by maintaining a coherent website that will stand out among those of competing companies in the same business field. We also offer web development services.

Our team consists of web designers, developers as well as digital marketing specialists who combine their knowledge and experience to deliver integrated services that allow companies to create and maintain the entirety of their online image – from the website itself to the content and user experience on the platform. Our web design agency in London can be the partner who helps you set up and maintain your digital presence.

 Quick Facts  
 Standard web design 

Webpage design and UX features

Custom design/branding

Corporate brand with logo, letterhead, others

UX design

 Usability test
User persona and scenario
Interaction design
Responsive web design
Marketing solutions Google analytics reports
Social media management
Marketing management
Search engine optimization Local and national SEO
SEO audit
Original content

Tailor-made, original content for pages
Social media content

E-commerce web design

Custom website design
Unlimited product categories
Shopping cart system
Discount code system
Third party payment integration and others

WordPress web design Template customization and installation
Logo insertion (not including logo design)
Tools installation
Custom template design as separate package
Website maintenance Standard monthly website maintenance can include:
Software updates
Security updates
Plug-in updates
Content updates (subject to conditions)
E-mail support
Website redesign Website refresh (design, logo, colors)
New website architecture
UX optimization
SEO optimization
*other services, as per package
Mobile Mobile site optimization
Premium services Premium packages can include all of the following:
Fully customised website design with unlimited revisions
Mobile friendly and responsive design
Content production
Maintenance and updates as scheduled
Services in London All the Greater London area
Services in the UK Manchester
Banbury and others
Non-UK services  Services also available for non-UK clients

Our team

From web design to web development in UK and search engine optimization, our team specializes in all of the key areas that define the quality of a website. When you choose to work with our web design company in London you can rest assured that our experts will handle each aspect of your digital presence, all for the purpose of creating an online presence that will truthfully reflect your business image.

We focus on creating surpassing websites that are backed by quality content as well as search engine optimization.  Our team specialising in web design in London includes web developers, SEO specialists and content writers, who are all passionate about their line of work, are always ready to learn more and improve their skills. Their combined experience is what allows us to deliver complete web design services to our clients. We do not content ourselves with merely delivering a functioning website that has been updated to a modern look. Our website developer in London assigned to your project will make sure that the end result is one that suits your goals.

We make sure that your online presence is a rounded one, that your new website is one that has quality content and that your overall digital marketing strategy is one that suits your business goals. What’s more, our web developers also make sure that your website is coherent and has ongoing functionality across more than one platform.

Our services

We believe in bespoke solutions and we are a web developer company in the UK that focuses on the needs of our clients. This is why our services are always served in accordance with our client’s goals and business needs and requirements.

Here are some of the main services provided by our web design company in London:

  • Design: our team starts by drawing up a coherent plan for improving website usability as well as search engine visibility; we favour modern designs and tailor them according to industry;
  • Marketing: digital marketing services that include search engine optimization as well as bespoke original content for websites;
  • Development: our web development branch offers solutions that will allow your company to have a fully functional website across a number of platforms;
  • Technical: IT support and solutions, consultancy and maintenance services aimed to reduce any disruption in the functioning of your website to a minimum.

We have a strong focus on web design and producing creative and beautiful websites, however, we know that the above mentioned solutions often yield the greatest results when used as a package by our clients. The website and the digital marketing campaign are in many cases the winning combination that speaks best to clients.

Our web design London team focuses on unique brand design that is combined in most cases with mobile design so that companies can offer their clients the option to access a well-designed website even if they prefer to browse from their phone or tablet. We are using our smartphones more and more and many companies have taken note of the current user trends and are not looking to optimize their website for mobile use.

We focus on user experience and we strive to imagine the needs of your particular clients as accurately as possible. We aim to offer an overall pleasant experience with all of the websites and to make them easy to access, and understand and, most importantly, easy to navigate.

You can always reach out to our team at Webdesignuk.london for more information about our services as well as to discuss more about your online goals.

Our clients

We offer a variety of services and we are able to meet the goals for online presence for businesses in a wide range of industries. We can just as well offer services to companies in real estate and e-commerce and for companies in the banking or the financial sector.

The projects in our portfolio focus on web design as well as digital marketing and website optimization. Upon receiving your request, our website developer in UK assigned to your project will be one with relevant experience. We know that our clients have different needs and we approach each new project accordingly. Ecommerce web design is different from regular website development given the fact that businesses that operate on the online retail marketplace have different needs compared to those that offer their services in a physical location and use the website for different purposes.

Our web design London team offers services in all areas of the city for companies of all sizes and in all industries. If you are interested in working with us, we are ready to talk about your project. Here is a short video about our main services:

Our process

A well-designed website is much more than meets the eye. Aesthetics plays a very important role, however, merging visuals with text and add-ons or features is a process that requires planning and a number of steps. Harmonious interaction between various elements is always desired and our team keeps this in mind as we start your web design project.

Our web design agency in London finds bespoke solutions for each project. Nevertheless, the web design process can be summarised in seven easy steps. We exemplify these below:

  1. Goal definition: our team works closely with the client during this stage; it is important to determine the goals of the business, namely the purpose of the website (to bring more clients, to offer a detailed list of services, to serve as an online shop, etc.)
  2. Sketch: once we know what the website will serve for, we can start an initial sketch where we will determine the number of pages and the sitemap; as our client, you will receive an estimated timeline during this stage;
  3. Creation: now we can start creating the website and decide on its design, the colour palette, the features for user interaction, buttons, add-ons and a number of other important decisions related directly to design and functionality; our team takes great care with the visual components so that they match the identity of the brand;
  4. Content: creating content for individual pages is important for search engine optimization; it is vital to have original content that will reflect your particular services and will help define your business in terms of unique values and roles;
  5. Testing: a pre-launch test is essential to determine how all of the above steps have combined to produce the end result; we combine tests performed by real users in a real environment with automated site crawlers; this helps us determine issues related to internal links that may not function properly as well as any other particular user experience issues;
  6. Launch: the much-anticipated final step, once our web design London team has solved any remaining issues; our team will plan and execute this stage.

These steps are customary and our team follows them for all projects. For websites that are already created, and for which the client orders an update, these steps will differ in the sense that the entire site architecture may remain in place while we focus on other matters that need various levels of improvement for an overall better and modern user experience. If you only need to freshen up an already existing website, our web developer company London will provide a price quotation once we have had the chance to perform an initial analysis on your current website. 

WordPress web design

WordPress is one of the most popular free, open-source content management systems and it has gained popularity because of the easy options to build a website using its own building blocks, along with the high number of templates and widgets that can be integrated.

When our clients request a WordPress website, we can analyse their project and provide them with a clear, expert opinion on whether or not this is the most suitable option in their case. While it is true that the platform is a free one, that also offers convenient plans upon purchase, it may not be the most suitable choice for websites that focus on performance.

When working with our web design London team, you will make sure that the WordPress option is indeed tailored to your needs and that the template chosen is one that reflects your goals and the overall use of your website.

Some of the issues to keep in mind for WordPress web design is that you can use this software for website or blogs, as well as corporate websites or more e-commerce websites. The content management system is quite simple to use and, as needed, one of our team members will assist you with site administration. You will be able to choose the plugins that you will integrate and you will enjoy the general level of flexibility possible when creating a website in this manner.

Perhaps the most important role of our team when we assist you in creating a WordPress website will be that of making it suit your needs. While it is free and easy to use, the help of a professional web designer is still precious when striving to achieve an overall clean and modern look for your website. We can help you use a template that will be in line with the desired aesthetics (according to the industry in which you activate or perhaps your own business logo aesthetics or image).

What’s more, our team will make sure to optimize your WordPress website for SEO purposes by making sure that the pages and the posts have unique content, meta descriptions, internal linking, optimal file and images names as well as custom URLs.

When you decide to work with our team, we will not only handle the design process, we will also make sure that your WordPress website remains optimized and that you use the platform’s SEO-friendly features to their maximum potential.

Reasons to improve your online presence

In an increasingly online-oriented world, your website is usually the first contact your clients (and even your business partners) can have with your company or services. For many businesses, especially in sectors or industries where competitiveness is high, this first contact can be crucial for their future success and for retaining customers.

When you upgrade your website, or choose to open a new website all by working with a team of professionals such as those at our web design agency in London, you not only improve the overall business image, but you also stand out from the competition, are likely to rank betted in the main search engine’s indexing and you can turn simple visitors into clients.

A visitor who was only browsing on your website may very well become a customer when the design and the optimization have a positive impact and enforce a good user experience. In some cases, blunt navigation or insufficient/incorrect online shopping features can make a client quit the purchasing process midway. This can happen both when online browsing and when using the mobile phone to make online purchases. That being said, an online store should be thoughtfully optimized for mobile browsing, given the fact that many of us spend quite some time on our mobile devices and, in many cases, we can be prone to easily make purchases in this manner. When your online store is optimized for browser and mobile, you are more likely to retain your customers.

Improving your website along with your social media presence will also mean that you will be able to reach more potential clients. Social media services as well as search engine optimization and content creation are part of our correlated services, that go hand in hand with a new or upgraded website.

Perhaps the 2020 situation has forced or determined you to base your business primarily online or perhaps you have switched to the online business model entirely, after having close a London-based physical store. If so, your website or e-commerce website is as important as ever. An optimized website will help you grow the business in 2021 and even expand your services.

If you wish to know more about the services we provide to online businesses, with a focus on e-commerce, then we encourage you to give us a call and discuss with one of our agents.

    The Information Technology sector is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, including in the UK, providing jobs full of opportunities.

    GET LISTED IN OUR DATABASE NOW! We will let you know if any further information is needed.


    Work with us

    We are a full-service agency and we believe that our clients deserve a professional online image. You can work with us if you have just started your company in the UK or if you have an already established company and believe that the time is right to make some much-needed changes to the manner in which your business is present in the digital world.

    Our web design agency in London is ready to assist you if you have decided to take the important step and update your online presence. We work with companies across many business fields and our team will be able to provide you with the solutions that are right for your type of company and the industry in which you activate.

    Many companies in the UK have understood the importance of having a website and using it as an essential tool for marketing. According to the Office for National Statistics, almost half of the companies in the country had their own website in 2016. Other interesting data refers to the following:

    • company online presence: 45% of all registered businesses in the UK had a website in 2016; there was a gap between large and small businesses, with only 40% in the case of micro-companies and 80% of large companies when it comes to using a website;
    • social media presence: larger companies were also making more use of their social media accounts, according to the same 2016 survey; 63% of the businesses with more than 10 employees were participating in social networking;
    • internet usage in the UK: according to 2019 data, 87% of all adults in the country used the internet each day or almost every day;
    • online shopping amongst seniors: 54% of the adults over 65 surveyed by the Office for National Statistics in 2019 said that they shopped online for the first time that year;

    A competitive company not only delivers high-quality services to its clients, but it also has a good online presence so that clients and potential business partners can easily know more about products and services. In an increasingly online world, your online presence can make the difference between success and anonymity.

    Webdesignuk.london can help you build your online image. Contact us for more information about our services, our fees and our personalized plans.