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Front End Developer in London

Front End Developer in London

A front end developer in London has the skills needed to write the essential code that will be implemented on your website. It is his role that is essential for creating a user-friendly and functional final product.

Our team includes more than one experienced front end developer in UK who will take over your project and supervise the programming of the code for the website, as well as handle any subsequent issues that may relate to debugging.

At our web design London agency we intertwine the world of website design and website technology so that our clients and, more importantly, the individuals who will use the websites, will do so in a user-friendly manner.

Front end developer in London – essential skills

The responsibilities of a front end developer in UK working in our team will include the following:

  • Website structure: the front end professional is the one who is responsible for determining the structure and the design of the web pages;
  • User experience: he is also the one who implements the features that enhance user experience and who proposes from an early stage the user-friendly design choices;
  • Code: the front end developer is the one who writes the code, and, in most cases, he is proficient in more than one programming languages;
  • Optimization: the front end developer will also make sure that the implemented design solutions are also optimized for smartphone use.

A front end developer in London will also have adequate problem-solving skills, as well as will have a basic understanding of search engine optimization. He is also the one who tests the websites based on several performance factors and can fix bug issues when they arise.

Our web design company UK programmer is accompanied by a number of other specialists, such software architecture programmers as well as content creators. Combined, their efforts produce a complete final product – your new or redesigned website which will be easy to use by clients or customers.

Our web design UK process always takes into account our clients’ wishes and an important part of our design process will be to outline the main uses for the new or reimagined website. Will you be using it as a portfolio to present your work? Will it become the main manner in which you will be selling your products online? The latter can be important for business owners who, in recent years, have moved onto a fully or partially online business model.

Services offered by our web design agency in London

Our team provides complete services for website design, as well as website redesign. If you already have a website, or if you are just thinking of starting one, our front end and back end developers, along with our other specialists, are able to help you.

We work with both a front end developer in UK and a back-end developer, as these two professionals handle the different sides of your new or reimagined website. The front-end development focuses on what the user will see and how he will interact with the website, while the back-end developer is concerned with the server issues, the ones that are not apparent to the end-user.

Website usage statistics in the UK

Having a website for your business is important and an optimized one can be a key for increasing the success of your company. According to the Office for National Statistics in the UK, 96% of the homes in Great Britain had internet access in February 2020. Moreover:

  • Internet connections in homes where adults of 65 years of age live have increased by 7% in 2020, compared to the previous year;
  • 76% of the adults in the UK used internet banking between January and February 2020;
  • 87% of all the adults in the UK shopped online between January and February 2020, whereas in 2008 only 53% of adults did so;
  • most of the online purchases were for clothes, shoes and accessories (55%), followed by food delivery services.

Our web design agency UK offers integrated services, meaning that we will dedicate our time to provide you with a finished product that will include more than just a redesigned website. According to the package that you choose, your site can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO), as well as original and updated content, as per your business needs. Our team includes several types of professionals, programmers, content creators and SEO senior specialists who will work together on your new website.

Contact our web design company London developer for more information about our services and how our team of specialists can help you.