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Web Design Services in East London

Web Design Services in East London

East London is an area where creative minds imprint a different energy compared to other areas such as Central or West London. The area is attractive because of its buzzing street life, history, street art and street food and its great atmosphere in general. If your company is located in Shoreditch, Stratford, Hackney or Leyton, our team can provide you with specialized East London web design services.

Why work with us?

We are a team of designers, programmers and digital marketing specialists united by a focused creative vision and the belief that clients deserve tailored solutions. No two projects are the same and our East London web design team knows that companies wish to stand out from the crowd. This means having a beautiful and functional website and, when needed, one that offers quick access to secure payment methods.

We offer services for companies located throughout London and our agents dedicated to serving clients in the East area of the city are able to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. Our web design company in London offers integrated solutions that target not only the design itself but which will also oversee the implementation of the content on your webpage as well the strategy for search engine optimization (SEO). This is a specialized service because having a new and modern website is not enough for your company to rank high in keyword searches across popular search engines.

Quick Facts  
Standard web design 

Graphic design, interface design, scalability, web host manager access, and others

Custom design 

Logo design, custom icons, other features in line with the brand/company image
UX design as part of our East London web design package


Upon request
Marketing services

Social media integration, social posts as per the agreed plan, social media consultations

Search engine optimization On-page SEO, SEO audit upon request 
Original content after East London
web design

Yes, personalized content according to the website’s profile

E-commerce web design Yes. Specific solutions for online stores, payment option integration, user review section,
user-friendly design


WordPress web design Theme change/creation, customization, upgrades, premium WordPress services
Website maintenance in UK Yes
Website redesign in UK Yes
Mobile solutions Mobile-first design
Premium services Upon request
East London web design services Website design (standard or custom), SEO optimization, content creation, social media integration – ask us more about our packages 
Services in the UK Complete web design services throughout England
Services for non-UK companies offered by our East London web design team Yes

What are our services?

Whether you need to press a refresh button on your old company website or you have a start-up that needs a brand new webpage, our East London web design specialists are ready to help you. Our services include design, development, search engine optimization as well as digital marketing.

Our services include the following:

  • Basic websites: your company can benefit from having an online presence and this can be easily achieved through a basic website that is used to present your services along with prices or testimonials from clients (optional); the number of pages is determined with the help of our specialists according to your needs;
  • Ecommerce website: this is a special type of website as it allows businesses to sell their products online and accept multiple payment methods; the website will reflect the identity of your brand and the business field in which you activate and will allow local and international clients to purchase your goods or services; our East London web design agents can give you more details about the online store;
  • Booking website: like the ecommerce website, this platform is special in the sense that it allows clients to make an online booking, with or without the option to also purchase the service; this is a convenient manner to manage your booking and reservations if you activate in the tourism sector in the United Kingdom;
  • Others: our team can also help you set up your online blog; having a creative space where you can post your opinions or artistic creations can be important if you are a writer, painter or other type of artist.

The list above only includes the services we provide in our department related to website design (the creative department which engages in web design and user experience, along with the tech department that develops the website or the app and provides website support as needed). However, our team includes specialists from more business fields as we believe that your online presence integrates a number of elements, first of which is the website itself, closely followed by the marketing essentials. For this purpose, we work together with search engine optimization (SEO) specialists and content creators who are able to drive engagement and growth through original articles, posts, infographics or videos. Having original content on your website, constantly updating it and interacting with your audience across several platforms is essential in many business fields and our team is ready to provide that for you. What’s more, our support specialists will make sure that your new website runs smoothly and that clients have a satisfactory user experience, complete with easy payment options and streamlined processing that will convince them to return for other purchases on your website or ecommerce store.

Every business deserves a professional online presence and for some companies this is essential for their success. Our team delivers tailored services that take into account your business profile, if the website is a new or old one and your available budget.

You can always reach out to our East London web design agents for a complete list of our services and in order to receive a personalized price quotation.

What is our strategy?

As previously mentioned, no two projects are the same and the needs of a company from one business field will not match the ones of a company that operates in a significantly different industry. This is why our web design agency in London approaches each project with a fresh, new vision.

While our approach is flexible, we always keep in mind a few essential steps:

  1. The analysis phase: this is when our East London web design team learns more about the business and its needs (for example, if online payment is a requirement for the website);
  2. The proposal: we draft an initial proposal and work with our client to improve it; open communication is important during this stage;
  3. The design: we present the final web design and make any needed last adjustments to the user experience strategy; an initial test launch takes place during this stage;
  4. The post-launch strategy: once your website is running, we start to focus on content (as required) and on the general digital marketing strategy; our web designers pass on the project to the in-house SEO and marketing specialists at our web design agency in London.

Our years of experience have proved that this integrated approach (the design and the post-launch steps) ensures a high level of success and our clients are content that their website is attractive from more points of view: design-wise as well as content-related and, most importantly, it ranks well in terms of online searches. The latter is important for all business owners who wish to make their services visible. Clients who require the services provided by your team can easily find you with a simple, key-word online search if your website is optimized for this purpose. Our web design London agency understands this need to be present and accessible online and this is why our packages also include SEO services.

We invite you to watch a video about our services in East London:

WordPress web design

WordPress is a free content management system, used and preferred by many who are interested in website creation. The platform is easy to use and intuitive and, in the available plans cover the needs of most clients and accommodate all budgets. The fact that a WordPress website can be easily customisable is one of the greatest advantages, however, clients will benefit from using the services offered by our web design agency in London, more specifically our WordPress design team. We can help you use the platform, plan your website and upgrade as needed for more security options, SEO tools, and others (as long as you have the budget for these plans). Customs domains are still supported by WordPress and if you find the platform easy to use, we can help you set up a new domain. This can be especially advantageous if you have already been using a simpler, basic WordPress website or even a blog and you are accustomed to the platform’s user interface.

If you choose to use WordPress, we can help you with the following:

  • Customised design: WordPress is known for offering many theme choices, however, if you want to stand out with great design, our team can offer you a personalized option; sometimes, we can also recommend that you install a plugin for more functionality;
  • Migration: do you have an old website and wish to use WordPress? it is easier to migrate the content/convert your website to WordPress with our help;
  • Ongoing support: even when your WordPress website is up and running, our team can help answer questions and offer support as needed.

Our team will make sure that a website set up in this manner is secure. While the website builder itself has certain security features, our web design experts will provide you with solutions and information on best practices to avoid unwanted malicious events (such as making sure that you update used plugins).

You can reach out to find out more about our WordPress packages as well as other advantages you may have if you choose to use this website builder, depending on your particular wants and needs.

Your UK website

Your website is the digital extension of your business, alongside your social media pages (when or if using). It offers you the chance and ability to reach customers well outside of England and it allows them to return as they see fit to purchase your products or services once more. Having a website that is not only informative, but it is also easy to use, offering a good customer experience, can set you apart from your competitors. If you do not have a website for your East London business yet, here are some good reasons to work with our web design company in London:

  1. Sell your products: this does not mean that you need to close your physical shop in London if you have one; however, if you needed to temporarily suspend your physical store activities, an online store offers a very reliable alternative;
  2. No closing hour: closely related to the previous point, clients can place orders on your e-commerce website at any time during the day or night;
  3. A good presentation: as we’ve said, your website is an extension of your business, is the first contact clients (and business partners) will have with your company; you can make sure that you maintain a professional image when you have a well-designed, updated and optimised website.

If you can reach customers online, having a website is important regardless of business size (yes, even for small businesses or, better yet, most importantly for these types of businesses as they will have a chance to expand and become known).

Perhaps your small business did well without a website, for example, you are a handmade jewellery producer who uses an existing, dedicated platform for selling handmade objects and the activity on this alternative platform sufficed. However, what if you wish to expand? Your business can benefit from breaking away from the platform that functions as an online shop and open your own e-commerce website that will reflect your individuality and creativity.

Setting up a website with our East London web design specialists can be an important step for a small business willing to make the leap to a medium-sized enterprise.

As far as the costs are concerned, our team will provide you with more details once you contact us and we have had the chance to discuss a plan that is suitable for you. We will present you with your options as well as extra features you can select. However, you may very well recover your costs faster than you expect when your new e-commerce website is intuitive and easy to use by clients.

Companies of all types can use an updated online presence as more and more customers are searching online for various services.

According to the UK Office for National Statistics, 46% of all registered businesses in the Kingdom has a website in 2016. Other data presented by our web design London agents highlights the following:

  • in 2016 only 40% of micro-companies has a website and more than 80% of large businesses with more than 10 employees had established their online presence;
  • the same year, only 33% of all businesses used social networks such as Facebook to build relationships with their customers;
  • 84% of large businesses (with more than 1,000 employees) offered links or references to their social media sites while small companies were not as engaged (only 19% of businesses with less than 10 employees were referencing their social media links).

If your company is in need of tailored web design and digital marketing services please contact our East London web design specialists for more information on how we can help you.