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Web Design Services in North London

Web Design Services in North London

North London is an area that also includes part of Central London and it roughly refers to the part of the city located north of the River Thames. It includes the borough of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Islington, or Westminster and many residents call this part of the city home. The area also has a number of parks, and several commercial centres, as well as creative businesses that successfully conduct trade in the region.

Transport in North London is both by bus as well as underground, the latter having more than 20 stations on the Northern, Victoria, Central and Piccadilly lines. Transport routes allow for easy travel within the area and other parts of London.

 Quick Facts  
Standard web design 

Website page creation, basic styling, responsive design, e-commerce functionality as needed

Custom design


Original design that is not stock-based, company logo design as needed

UX design as part of our North London web design package

 Upon request or as part of our plus or pro packages
Marketing services 

Social media page integration, programmed social media content and posting, other plans

Search engine optimization On-page and off-page search engine optimization, as well as technical SEO
Original content after North London web design

Personalized content for the website’s pages and/or blog posts

E-commerce web design

Responsive web design for online stores, custom e-commerce web design and development solutions,
e-commerce SEO

WordPress web design WordPress website creation using the available template system
Website maintenance in UK Regular website updates, backups,
page speed tests, etc.
Website redesign in UK Website touch-ups as needed, changes to transform the website using responsible web design principles, etc.
Mobile solutions Website optimization for smartphones and tablets 
Premium services Upon request 
North London web design services Website design or redesign, custom websites, SEO, custom content 
Services in the UK Our team offers the same services and packages throughout the United Kingdom
Services for non-UK companies offered by our
North London web design team
We also provide our services to non-UK based clients 

Assistance from our web design agency in North London

Companies that are already established in the area, as well as those that are just starting their activity, can benefit from working with our team specialising in web design North London. Your business in Barnet, Waltham Forest or other areas can benefit from online exposure and easier access to clients not only in the region but also in the rest of London and perhaps the rest of the UK.

Our offer for North London clients includes but is not limited to website design. Our web design company in London is able to assist with digital marketing services as well as specific website creation for companies in the e-commerce sector. No matter the type of business you own, (whether it is an online shop or a medical clinic) we can design your website as fast as possible.

What are some of the web design North London services offered by our team?

Our team offers several services that focus on website design but also on other important, complementary issues. Our web design agency in London can help your company in the North of the city with the following:

  1. Website design: professional web design services that include goal identification, sitemap creation, testing and launch, along with other intermediary services; your local company can benefit from the web design North London services offered by our team;
  2. WordPress website design: should you wish to use this particular website creator, our dedicated team can assist you;
  3. Ecommerce web design: special solutions for companies that need a reliable platform to sell their goods and services for clients in North London and beyond;
  4. Other services: content creation, search-engine optimization and other digital marketing strategies to ensure the most suitable online presence.

These web design services in North London, and others as part of a predetermined package, can be discussed in more detail with our specialists. We invite you to watch a video about web design:

The main phases of the web design process

The web design process includes a number of steps that bring an idea into existence, all whilst observing the main principles of good and user-friendly design. The goal is to deliver an end product that meets the needs of the client and that will serve the company well (i.e., it will provide the traffic that will, in turn, increase revenue, if this was the objective).

Understanding and developing the client’s online strategy is an essential step and, as such, each web design project begins with clear communication: the client presents its goals and wishes for the new website and this will become the frame upon which our talented designers will begin to build upon.

Our web design North London team follows the following main steps for quality design:

  1. Project phase: the team discusses the project with the client, clearly communicates the strategic choices and makes sure that the goals and objectives are clearly understood before commencing the work;
  2. Site architecture: this stage includes the creation of the skeleton of the website, the site architecture and the wireframe of the pages that will make up the website; during this stage, the functionality of the interface is determined and the manner in which the information will be displayed is defined by the web designer;
  3. Visual elements: this is the phase of the project during which the appearance or style is created; once the skeleton is complete (during the previous phase), the designer will be able to build upon that frame; the style is usually influenced by the client’s brand image, or other personal preferences; our team also offers counsel on the most suitable and modern website design options as well as the trends for 2021;
  4. Site creation: this is the stage during which the content of the website is included; the media is uploaded and old content is refreshed, as needed;
  5. Testing: no website is launched without having completed this essential phase; testing is crucial to ensure that the website is functional, responsive and that it meets the goals set by the client; each page is tested and checked in order to make sure that it functions properly (for example, the links are checked and the loading speed is verified across multiple types of browsers and devices);
  6. Launch: the final stage, when the website enters the online world; however, this does not mean that the web designer will no longer be involved in the functioning of the website.

Our team offers website maintenance services which focus on the changes that will follow after launch, or updates that will be needed. The website will also have new content added and the analytics will be monitored.

In some cases, the first phase, the project phase that includes goal setting can be divided into two separate stages: project definition (when the project is outlined and discussed) and project scope (where the clear goals are set, usually following the previous discussion).

We follow these steps in nearly all of our projects, however, each client is different and the same will be true of the website. We tailor our services after a clear discussion with our client and once we make sure that their vision is understood and ready to be translated into an online correspondent that will suit their needs.

If you are interested in web design services in other areas of the city, you can reach out to our east London web design team.

Web design according to the type of website

Each type of website has its own characteristics, and this means that the design process is adjusted accordingly. An ecommerce website will not be the same as a website dedicated to podcasts, nor will it resemble a business webpage or a personal blog. Understanding the differences is essential during the design process and paying attention to the design particulars is a key step followed by our dedicated team of designers in North London.

Some types of websites we can help you with are the following:

  • Ecommerce websites: your online store, the platform from which your clients will be able to purchase your products;
  • Magazine websites: educational or informational pages filled with articles, photos and video: our team is able to help you transition from a print-only magazine to an online version without loosing the quality content you provide to your audience;
  • Portfolio: are you an artist, an architect or work in the creative industries and wish to showcase your creations? a website is an excellent solution to present your best work;
  • Business website: the company’s online image, how it becomes visible on the Internet and, therefore, to the world.

Our web design North London team can provide specialized services according to the type of website you require. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to launch an online store or another type of website with special features.

How can your website provide maximum value for your business?

The design of the website is important, however, our team treats each project with attention to detail and to the overall purpose of the website, not only the immediate goal of providing a user-friendly and fast-loading desktop or mobile platform. This means that our other services mentioned above have a high percentage of importance for how your website will perform over time (and how it will help you increase revenue).

An important advantage of working with a multi-disciplinary team such as our own means that you can receive additional services in the same package. Search engine optimization is closely linked to web design and below our specialists explain how this takes place:

  • Slow loading: this impacts the ranking of your website because algorithms will pick up the fact that people are leaving your website very fast; hard to read text can have the same effect;
  • Indexing: the URLs for your website, the content and images should be properly formatted so that the web crawlers can index your website quickly, thus offering you a higher ranking;
  • Simple and clean: URLs should be kept simple and easy to read, any duplicate categories should be avoided and the general feel should be that of a simple and clean website, where everything is easily accessible and users do not have to spend a lot of time searching for particular information;
  • Readability: this means sufficiently large fonts, pale colours that do not match or harsh design elements.

Our specialists who offer services related to web design North London will always test your website for these issues before the launch and will also make sure that other important aspects are in order.

Your website will provide maximum value to your business when it will show up high in search engine rankings and people will be able to find out about your company, products, or services. When clients start coming in not through a recommendation or word of mouth but because they searched online, you will know that your website has started to help your business.

The same goes for your social media accounts. Your business should also be discoverable online through your chosen channels, ones that fit with the business industry or particulars. Creative and engaging content will make people more likely to go from occasional viewers to clients and returning clients.

Why should you have a website for your business in North London?

Small, medium and large businesses alike can benefit from setting up their online presence as well as redesigning an old website if that is the case. This is where our web design North London services prove useful.

Your website is the easiest way for your clients to find you, and it may even be the only way if you do not have a physical store in North London or if you had to temporarily suspend public activity in your location.

The website includes information about your services and prices and for e-Commerce companies, it is also how their clients can purchase products – making it even more important to establish a good user experience.

Moreover, a fully optimized website, one that uses keywords and search-engine approved methods for ranking high in search results, will mean that your business is likely to pop up on the first results page, making it easier to boost sales.

Your website is open non-stop and it is an ideal marketing tool. What’s more, it will help you expand beyond North London with your services. For example, perhaps a client located in South London has seen your services and is willing to travel to another part of the city for this purpose, simply because your business was presented in such a fashion that it determined the said client to choose your services over the ones offered by a similar company in the neighbourhood. Of course, this is only an example and the scale of reach is even more important for online stores.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 96% of all households in Great Britain had internet access. This means that your website can help expose your business to a very important number of potential clients browsing online for services or products.

Working with a team of specialist designers, such as those at our web design company in London will help you make sure that the final result, the final version of your website will truthfully present your business and will offer functionality and easy navigation, along with good loading times and essential, optimized content, so that your business can stand out from the crowd. Especially in London, a densely populated city with numerous businesses, it can be an important advantage to rank well in location-relevant results. Our web design North London team will pay attention to this particularity.

What sets our web design London team apart from others on the market?

Our team of web designers, programmers and digital specialists offers a package that is fully customized to the needs and the profile of our client company. No two businesses are the same, this is why we treat each project with careful consideration, we take the time to discuss the current expectations as well as adjust the design and the content according to the industry in which the company will activate.

A modern and user-friendly website design is just the first step when you request our web design services in North London. As briefly stated above, our team also offers digital marketing solutions that include original, curated content for your website as well as management services for the good functioning of your website.

If you need complete details about our web design North London, as well as our other related solutions, we invite you to reach out to us for more information.

North London is an area where businesses, notably those in the retail sector and the creative industries have developed over the last few years. In terms of population, the area has also evolved since 2002, as the following data shows:

  • in 2018 there were approximately 911,000 residents in North London, with an estimated population density of 7,900 per square kilometres;
  • the age group with the most residents was that of 16-64 years of age, approximately 68.8% of the population;
  • 9 years of age was the average age as per the 2018 estimates.

The data was provided by the Office for National Statistics and Nomis, a service that allows access to UK labour market statistics.

The experts at our web design company in London can give you more details about the services we offer to companies in each of London’s four main areas.

Contact us if you are looking for web design North London.