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About us

ClientPedia is a web design company in London that offers tailored solutions to clients across various business fields who are interested in launching their online presence. A business with a strong and well-established online presence exudes credibility and accessibility – two traits that are important for attracting customers.

Our team focuses on delivering high-quality services, oriented towards all of the main types of online platforms. We focus on the UK market and strive to provide tailored services that will suit the particularities of businesses activating on the British market.

Our team

Our experts are multitalented and our team comprises specialists in several fields, all for the purpose of establishing and maintaining an integrated online presence for our customers. Our web design company in London relies on web designers, SEO specialists as well as content writers so that the websites set up via our company will have a well-established online presence.

Alex CucAlex

Alex is the General Manager of our team as well as one of the two founders of ClientPedia. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of search engine optimization and establishing corporate media presence. Alex graduated from two Universities, Law and Media and Communication, both of which have proven to shape his career and understanding of corporate marketing particularities. After having successfully improved the turnover of a prominent law firm in Bucharest through tailored internet marketing services, he started ClientPedia with the intention to provide the same quality and tailored solutions to clients. Alex says that: “We have started with legal marketing, but now we provide web marketing services to different types of businesses around the globe: accountants, consultants, internet stores, and all types of service providers. The main methods to market your services on the Web remain the same no matter what you do; the angle of approach is the one that differs. That is where ClientPedia comes in. Once we understand your goal we have the methods to get you there.”

Iuliana Gheorghe

Iuliana is our web designer, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Major in Human-Computer Interaction. During her decade-long career, she has reached a level of mastery that is apparent both in her ease of using the latest technologies as well as in her refinement in the design processes. She loans her elegant taste, combined with functionality and user-experience tailored solutions to each web design project. Iuliana, our web design wizard, focuses on both problem solving as well as aesthetics. Our web design company in London relies on specialists such as Iuliana in order to deliver high-quality services.

Cristina Popescu

Cristina is our Senior SEO specialist, an experienced journalist with a background in Web Design and Programming. She is an accomplished professional with relevant experience in all of the internet marketing stages, from content writing to SEO services.  She started working for ClientPedia in 2013, focusing on tailored SEO services as well as content writing and social media strategy.

Andreea Pruteanu

Andreea is another one of our Senior SEO specialists, with extensive experience in content strategy optimization, link building, and social media. She has worked in online marketing for nearly a decade and she is an experienced SEO specialist who has provided services to clients in a wide range of fields, from health and aesthetics to legal and business. She is ClientPedia’s SEO specialist since 2014.

Andreea Draghici

Andreea is a passionate content writer who also specializes in link building and search engine optimization. Her client portfolio includes an important sensory marketing company in Europe where she focused on client services as well as prospectus services. Andreea brings benefit to the ClientPedia team through her quality content writing services.

Ioana Fotescu

Ioana has a background in journalism and has been working as a content writer for more than five years. She focuses on delivering tailored and original content and has a flexible writing style.  As a content writer, she understands the importance of capturing the audience’s interest and creating engaging materials as part of a marketing and business image strategy.

Our web design agency in London relies on our professional team to deliver services to clients in all business fields.

Our services

Our company is oriented towards customers in the United Kingdom and offered its services to many companies in a variety of business fields. We have worked with companies in the accounting and legal sector, e-commerce companies, medical tourism providers, and many more.  Our wide range of clients serves as testimony to our professionalism and ability to find the most suitable solutions for our clients.

If you would like to know more about Webdesignuk.london and the types of services we offer, please reach out to us and our team will answer any questions.