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Ecommerce Website Design London

Ecommerce Website Design London

Ecommerce websites require a special design that allows them to offer services/products to clients in a suitable manner. Ecommerce website design in London meets the needs of retail businesses that wish to be present in the online marketplace. Innovative website design and good user experience can help the business thrive and expand. Our web design London team offers complete web design services and website support for ecommerce brands.

Ecommerce website design in London for your brand

Online retailers rely on a soundly designed online platform to sell their products or services. The e-commerce world is one that is evolving rapidly, and more and more businesses are making the switch from traditional to online selling. Therefore, designing and maintaining a functional and attractive ordering and delivery platform is essential for many businesses. Ecommerce website design in London is an option for all companies based in the United Kingdom that wish to sell their products to clients in England but also to international customers.

Some of the main features that are important in the case of ecommerce website design in London include the following:

  • Optimized product categories and numbers: an ecommerce website is designed to allow for the introduction of an unlimited number of product categories and product numbers in the online store;
  • Online ordering: a streamlined ordering process that is easy to complete online irrespective of the platform used (web or mobile);
  • Easy payment: the user should be able to submit payments easily; this is why our solutions for ecommerce website design in London include payment gateway integration;
  • Status and notifications: the platform should also allow the client to receive instant and updated order confirmations as well as delivery notifications.

Other features that are important for our clients interested in ecommerce website design in London include custom-built platforms, security solutions as well as multi-device responsiveness. If you have a business in the southern part of the city, our team specializing in web design in south London can help you.

An elegant and user-friendly design, as well as a good brand image, are essential. Our web design company in London understands the ever-growing importance of establishing a good online presence and can help clients across various business fields who are ready to launch a website to sell their goods or services.

Key design issues to keep in mind

From its homepage to your checkout and contact pages, an e-commerce website will invite or discourage the customer from making the purchase or finalizing it. In some cases, it can even discourage clients from returning to the website. With so many variables, users can choose to find a more pleasant online shopping experience on another website, should your online business, no matter how qualitative your products or services, fails to provide an overall pleasant and inviting shopping experience.

In the last year alone, the number of online transactions has increased significantly, as people were forced into lockdown and relied heavily on this particular type of shopping. Maybe you already had a website in 2020 or are now considering taking your business online or reinvent your store with an online version in 2021 (particularly for businesses that were forced to close their physical stores).

The following tips are useful for an ecommerce website that relies on intuitive navigation:

  • the menu has a dropdown category and each element is placed in its respective category;
  • the search bar is visible on every page and users can easily find products and categories;
  • the card icon can be viewed from any page and it shows a count of the items that were added; advanced design features allow the user to hover above the cart icon and see a preview.

When it comes to homepage design, the first impression counts. This is the first page the user will see and it has the chance to highlight your brand as well as invite the user to purchase your products. However, the product listings are not commonly included on the homepage, so the user has a transition before starting to add products to the cart.

Some important elements to consider for the homepage ecommerce website design are the following:

  • grab your user’s attention through a catching phrase; you can include sales or promotions here;
  • use great photographs; this applies for desktop as well as mobile online stores; professional photographs are important and can influence the client’s decision to purchase your products;
  • highlight your bestsellers; the homepage does not include a complete list of products that can be found on your website, however, it is recommended to include the best sellers.

Our web design London team can give you more information about the key elements included in an ecommerce homepage. Together with our specialists, your homepage will be catchy and informative and will hopefully determine the user to make the next step: shop on your online store.

The shopping experience

 Once a potential client has decided to make an online purchase, the workings of the ecommerce website will come into play. This is the moment when the design of the ecommerce website can provide an overall pleasing shopping experience or falter in this respect.

Our web design agency in London offers tailored solutions, according to the types of products sold on your website so that the end product is tailored to particular needs.

Some of the main aspects we pay attention to are the following:

  • filters: user experience design focuses on reaching an equilibrium between too few and too many filters; clients will appreciate having the option to sort inside a given category, however, our team will determine an optimal number that will allow for successful results within the page, rather than having the client receive a blank page that yielded no results;
  • reviews: many clients rely on the reviews posted by other users and some will particularly read the low-rating ones; you can choose to highlight the products that have received the highest ratings first as well as remain transparent about the score of a product;
  • stocks: another important issue the ecommerce website needs to address is the available product stock; clients will not appreciate not knowing that a product is out of stock only when they arrive at the checkout.

Together with our team, you will also be able to answer multiple user-experience questions such as opting for a grid or a list view. The answer depends on the types of products that are sold. For example, a list view is suitable when the products have long descriptions or ingredients lists and a grid view is useful when the client can rely on a visual side-by-side comparison of a product for which the images/the visual presentation is a key selling point.

Our team can present you with examples as well as advice that covers other areas, such as the design of the checkout page which should include a number of elements such as the individual price and the total price.

Mobile ecommerce solutions

Our specialists know that there are key differences between a desktop and a mobile version for an ecommerce website. The goal is to make your online shop available and easy to use across all platforms and this means upgrading the purchase experience on mobile. Many of your current or possible clients literally carry your store in their pocket and our web design company London can help you with solutions for letting your customers purchase from anywhere they may find themselves.

Some of the key issues that are addressed by our team when designing the ecommerce mobile platform are the following:

  • the theme: this is scaled to fir the smaller smartphone screen and it is specially designed for mobile to allow for good product visualization, seamless scrolling and easy clicks even in the one-handed mode;
  • the integration: the mobile app needs to be able to interact with the customers in the sense that the user must be able to opt in or out of push notifications and receive updates as the order is processed;
  • the security: special encryption to protect business and customer data, including safe payment details storage;
  • consistency: the mobile version of your ecommerce website will include the same features and products as the main desktop version and will allow users to switch between the app and the website without feeling that one provides a better user experience than the other.

The main goal when expanding your store to mobile is to drive sales across all devices. Your customer could be using a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone and he would be granted the same shopping experience that will make him appreciate your services and come back for repurchases.

We invite you to watch a video about the importance of having a well-designed ecommerce website:

Ecommerce website builder

There are several options for building an ecommerce website. These include Shopify and Wix and they simplify the general process of creation to a certain extent. Our specialists in ecommerce website design in London work across all the major website building platforms that are suitable for creating an online store. Although these builders are user-friendly, only an experienced designer will know how to integrate elements and pay attention to details in a way in which the concept for the online platform will translate into a website that will be easy to use and will drive sales. This is why it is advisable to choose to work with a team of professionals.

Using a website builder has its advantages, which include the fact that some of the services also handle hosting for clients. Others also include search engine optimization (SEO) features, which are an important step for improving site performance and should be addressed even when the website builder does not include them. However, some of the disadvantages include the fact that some of these services do not allow for a convenient level of customization in the sense that changing templates may not be possible once the site is live.

One important issue to consider when choosing to open an ecommerce website is not only to have a high level of customization but also to integrate solutions for customer analytics. This way, you can learn more about your customer’s behaviour and their purchase decisions. Some of the key performance indicators for ecommerce, that should be monitored by website owners, include the following:

  • the conversion rate (the relationship between two important metrics, website traffic and the number of sales);
  • shopping cart abandonment rate;
  • customer acquisition cost;
  • average order value;
  • gross profit margin.

Another issue that shop owners may wish to consider is that the online store can be integrated with the business’s Facebook page and this can be an advantage for easier purchasing.

When choosing a website builder, pricing is also an issue as the platforms that allow for the creation of websites and their hosting have their own payment plans, which are monthly in most cases (and some have custom pricing for companies).

If you wish to build your website using some of the most popular solutions that are currently available, you can reach out to our ecommerce website design in London team who can work with Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Weebly and other website builders.

Custom ecommerce website design in London

 Our graphic designers at WebDesignuk.London create unique solutions for each of our clients. User experience and interaction is paramount, and it is combined with maintaining the brand identity and extending it to the online store. This is especially important for new businesses, but it is also a key part of the process for stores that are transitioning to the online world.

Companies are likely to be interested in working with a web design company in London as the United Kingdom has one of the most developed ecommerce markets in Europe. According to the Office for National Statistics, the revenue from online sales was 688.4 billion GBP in 2018. Other data shows the following:

  • an overall growth in e-commerce sales: Businesses with 10 or more employees had revenue from e-commerce sales of 649.9 billion GBP in 2018, compared to 555.8 billion GBP a year prior;
  • ecommerce across all business fields increased: the revenue from e-commerce sales was higher in 2018 across all types of businesses, compared to that in 2017 (688.4 billion vs. 582.3 billion in 2017);
  • industries with the highest online sale percentage: the transport and storage division has a 42.3% turnover derived from ecommerce in 2018; the manufacturing industry also has a large percentage of turnover derived from e-commerce sales in 2018, at 33.9% for businesses with 10 or more employees and 32.4% for small businesses with 0 to 9 employees;
  • industries with lower online sales: the construction division had a 5.1% proportion of industry turnover from ecommerce in 2018 for businesses with more than 10 employees.

The same statistical set reveals that UK ecommerce sales increase according to the size of the business. During the analysed period (2009 to 2018), companies with 1,000 or more employees had the highest percentage of website sales, however, businesses with 0 to 9 employees did record increasingly higher sales percentages from ecommerce from 2014 to 2018 (from 17.1% to 32.4%). This means that both small and large companies can benefit from working with a web design agency in London.

Our solutions for ecommerce website design in London focus on our clients’ particular needs for starting their business and growing it. We offer attractive and engaging design options that are perfected across platforms and suit the needs of businesses in many sub-sectors. Whether you wish to sell custom-made jewellery online, clothes and shoes or electronics, our team can help you built your online store.

The design of your website can attract customers, or it can make then decide against shopping with you. The design of the ecommerce website can draw in the customer not only visually but also through the entire shopping experience. Seamlessly integrating the brand’s style with the overall user experience is an important step and one that our team specializing in ecommerce website design in London will pay great attention to.

Contact our web design agency in London for more information on our services for ecommerce as well as our pricing.