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UX/UI Design in London

UX/UI Design in London

UX/UI design is increasingly popular as website design shifts its focus toward the user. UI UX/design in London is at the heart of many of our projects, as our design team takes into account the main features that make a website work well for the end user.

UX stands for “user experience”, while  UI stands for “user interface”. Therefore, we can simplify and highlight the fact that a UX developer in London from our team is focused both on the user experience and the user interface.

Our web design agency in London offers services and web design solutions for clients looking to upgrade their existing websites, as well as for those who are just creating their new websites. An approach focused on UX and UI at the same time will allow the client to enjoy a final product (website) that both looks good and operates efficiently.

Our team includes specialists with relevant experience in UX/UI design, who will focus on both aspects and will communicate throughout the phases of your project to ensure an optimal end result.

You can read below to find out more about UI and UX design, and how our webdesign UK agency can help you.

What is UX design?

User experience design focuses on how the user interacts with the website. The goal is to make the website easy and logical to use. This approach places the user at the front of the design process, meaning that our UX developer will make sure that the customer’s experience with your website is a pleasant one.

Some of the basic principles of user experience design include:

  • Consistency (in terms of designs and functionality);
  • Hierarchy (the visual hierarchy of individual pages, as well as information architecture);
  • User control (how the user interacts with the product);
  • Accessibility (taking into account different factors that may affect overall accessibility, as well as making the product usable for many types of clients).

While the UI designer is concerned more about the visual aspects, the UX designer will make sure that the interface operates properly.

Together with our UX developer in the UK, our team focuses on combining the essential elements of both user experience and user interface, for a website with flawless functionality and beautiful design.

What is UI design?

User interface design is focused on how the website or the application will look. This means choosing the most suitable shapes for the buttons, choosing the colour schemes, as well as making many types of visual choices, all down to the width of the lines.

Our UI designers in London are experienced graphic designers with a keen eye for aesthetics. They will make sure that your website or app is attractive for the user, at the same time as being in line with the overall theme and purpose requested by our client. 

How does our team use a combined UX/UI design?

We know that the role of the UI designer is just as important as that of the UX designer, and the key is for both experts to communicate well. A collaborative approach is favourable, and the two teams will usually work closely together during all the project phases.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 92% of the adults in the UK were recent internet users in 2020. More data shows that:

  • Almost all adults aged 16 to 44 in the UK were recent internet users (99%);
  • The number of adults aged 75 and over who had recently used the Internet in 2020 increased from 29% in 2013 to 54% in 2020;
  • London is the region with the highest recent internet usage rate, with 95% in 2020.

What this means is that your website is important and, by making sure that the user experience and the user interface are optimized, your clients will have a positive experience with your website and services. In time, this can lead to increased sales and traffic, as well as online sales for those who rely on e-commerce.

Contact our team for more information on how your website can be optimized for UX/UI design or how we can help you with creating a new website that takes into account both form and functionality.

Our web design UK-based experts offer solutions for many types of websites, including those focused on e-commerce. Reach out to us for more information about our services, which also include search engine optimization solutions, content creation, and more.