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How to Create a Website in the UK

How to Create a Website in the UK

Many companies decide to create a website in UK in order to improve their online visibility and attract more clients. Businesses that have a presence on the internet, namely having a friendly website and being present on social media platforms, have good chances of attracting an audience and thus clients. While creating your own website is possible, it is advisable to request professional services, such as those offered by our web design agency in London.

A team of experts delivers a finished product, one that is optimized according to your needs and one that will also benefit from ongoing troubleshooting assistance.

What are the most important features of your new website?

When you decide to create a website in UK there are a number of issues you should be mindful of as to how this page will serve your business interests and how your audience (and potential clients) will benefit from it. Being mindful of your own business image, how it is reflected in the online world is important and it can have a significant impact on your company’s overall visibility and success.

Before starting on your own or requesting the services of our web design company in London, we suggest answering the following issues:

  • the domain name: ideally, the web address/URL will be one that will include your business name or one that will closely relate to your services; be prepared to search for a good name and have a number of alternatives in case your first choice is not available;
  • the extension: even if your chosen domain name is not available with the .com extension, there are several others to choose from and for the England audience the second-best option is the .uk one;
  • the hosting company: you do wish to choose a company that offers good services, one that is trusted and that will allow for good server accessibility; when working with our team, our web design London agents will handle this step;
  • the purpose of your website: one of the key aspects you need to settle before you create a website in the UK is the purpose of the website: it is solely for informational and contact purposes so that your clients will be able to find you? will it also serve as a portfolio or will you also be providing useful information in the form of articles and blog posts?

Settling these issues as well as answering the important questions offered as an example is important before starting to create the website. Having this information sorted beforehand will make it much easier to decide on the format as well as the subsequent digital marketing strategy for your website that will include search engine optimization as well as content creation.

We can help you with solutions for web design in south London.

What are the main steps to create a website in UK?

As you will see, these steps are closely related to the issues presented in the previous point. These can include but are not limited to the following:

  1. buy the domain name: is your chosen name available for purchase? You should buy the domain name as soon as you decide to create a website in UK;
  2. set up the business email: your domain name will also be included in the business email address as this adds more professionalism;
  3. choose the website builder: there are several options, such as Squarespace, however, you can also choose to create a WordPress website;
  4. choose the template: this can be closely linked to your business identity and include custom colors, however, you can also choose a pre-set theme.

Our web design London team can help you follow these steps as well as integrate the overall strategy of the business within the design process. Aspects related to visual appeal (described below by our team) and technical matters should always be taken into consideration, however, when you choose to work with our team, we will pay attention to a number of other issues.

Our goal is to deliver a product that respects the brand identity and vision. This means that our web developers and digital marketing strategy specialists will pay attention to indicators and text, along with the principal goal of submitting a visually pleasing website.

We invite you to watch a video on how to create a website in the UK:

The following additional steps are all important when creating a website in the UK and they are followed by an experienced team, such as our own:

  • Identify the goal of the website: the purpose of the new website can be to make the business known to a broader range of clients; it can also be related to expanding the business into online sales;
  • Define the project: once the goal is set, you can start working with our team on the features that will be included on the website; you can specify the number of pages that you will need and the features that will help you accomplish your goal; our team will provide advice as needed;
  • Sitemap creation: the next step is to outline the sitemap, the list of pages on your website and the relationships between them, in a sense it is the “skeleton” of your webpage;
  • Content: with the outline complete, it is time to create content for the pages; of course, our team is mindful of this step and our SEO specialists will optimise as needed;
  • Visual scheme: the elements will largely depend on the business image which may already depend on certain colours or patterns our wed designers will integrate these;
  • Testing and launch: the two final steps, presented in this short list; they are two separate and important events – the first combines both manual browsing and automated site crawlers.

Our experienced web design agency in London can help you understand your goals, how the website will be used and how it will integrate in your overall business strategy. Discussing these matters with a team of experts will not only help you obtain a broader perspective, it will also make the project a clearer one, so that you can focus on the upcoming online strategy for your company.

We assist clients based throughout the city. You can reach out to us for solutions dedicated to companies interested in east London web design.

What are the main design issues to consider when you create a website in UK?

The visual appeal of your new website is important, just as much as its functionality. The client will want to have an easy browsing experience, find the information he needs or the product details he is searching for as well as go through an easy payment process, when applicable.

While the website should have a modern and elegant design, it should also avoid certain elements such as pop-ups, unnecessarily complicated captchas as well as certain types of menus that are not suitable for mobile devices (they are not easy to navigate). Our web design agency in London can give you a complete list of these issues that should be avoided in most cases. Of course, the user experience should be tailored to the type of business the website is created for as well as according to other important considerations.

Some tips for a well-designed website include the following:

  • a white or light colored background and complementary colors for the rest of the page;
  • a clean and simple design with enough room between distinct elements;
  • a limited number of fonts, ones that are carefully chosen and, in most cases, no more than two (one for the title and one for the text);
  • consistency throughout the formatting and color palette;

Please note that the list above is not an exhaustive one and it should only be used as a rough guide.

A thoughtfully designed and optimized website offers a quality user experience for your audience. When you choose to work with our web design London team, we will walk you through all of the steps outlined above and we will provide you with additional services, as needed and as per your overall digital marketing strategy.

Why should you think about creating a website in the UK?

New and established businesses can all benefit from a good online presence. Perhaps you are just starting a company in the UK or your already have a business, a physical store maybe, that could use some promotion. A website is how you can let your UK customers, and even foreign ones or tourists, know more about your products or services.

A website is also useful for physical businesses, not only for online sellers, whether they are restaurants or shops. You can let your customers know more about your hours, prices, or menu as well as any changes in your schedule or premises changes. What’s more, when properly optimized, your website will rank high in search results pages and/or when people in your area search for a product or service you are offering.

Other benefits of creating a website in the UK are the following:

Wider reach: your website makes your business accessible around the world, not only in London or the English town in which you are based;

Targeted reach: when working with a web design company in London you will know that your website will be planned in order to attract the customers you seek;

Non-stop access: your website can be accessed around the clock, creating unique opportunities for online sales in particular;

Tell your story: stories shape our world and a settler who is able to engage his clients through an authentic story that is linked to the business history and creation can help build trust; family businesses can particularly make use of this, especially when they have tales to tell about fighting to keep the business in the family for generations.

A website is useful to promote your location(s) and it will likely increase the number of people who come through your door. Your business can easily be found with an online or mobile search and potential clients can check your opening hours. For creatives or entrepreneurs, a website can act as an online portfolio, accessible at any time and in high video or photo quality.

These are just some of the reasons why you should think about creating a website in the UK. Our specialists can discuss more about your options according to business type and needs if you reach out for an initial evaluation. Below, you can find additional information about our services.

How can our web design London team help you?

Your online presence starts with a well-designed and optimized website, however, the next step is to implement a digital strategy that will bring visitors to your address and one that will allow your website to rank high in search results. Lastly, you should also consider your social media strategy, how your business could benefit from more presence and exposure.

Our web design company in London offers bespoke website creation services along with a number of other key ones such as search engine optimization (SEO), marketing services, content creation, and app development. You have the ability to decide on the services that are right for your company after an initial consultation with our team.

We can help you create a website in the UK and launch your business in the online world. As per a set of recent statistics, presented by the Office for National Statistics, nearly half (45%) of the businesses that were registered in the UK at the time of the study had a website. According to different other sources, we can highlight the following online presence and social media usage for businesses in the UK:

  • approximately 39% of the businesses do not have a website;
  • however, 92% of the respondents in a study believed that having a website is effective;
  • moreover, 89% of small businesses believed that SEO is also helpful for the company.

If you wish to know more about how to create a website in UK and how we can help you, we invite you to contact us.

Our web design agency in London is ready to provide you with tailored services, according to industry, business size, and your digital marketing strategy needs.