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Web Design in Blackpool

Web Design in Blackpool

Our web design Blackpool team offers complete services related to web design to clients in all business fields. Our experts based locally in the Blackpool area assist businesses incorporated here, as well as other clients throughout the UK.

Web design and development is increasingly important both for new businesses that wish to enter the market and for already established companies that wish to attract new clients or wish to implement a new, digital strategy.

Our web design agency in London offers complete web design, web development, SEO and other services which, combined, allow companies to establish an irrefutable online presence.

If you have a business in the Blackpool area, if you plan to move your business online or if you wish to create an e-commerce website, our web design Blackpool specialists are ready to provide you with a personalized package that will include, first and foremost, the design of your new webpage.

Each client has unique needs, and your website reflects the identity of your business, this is why a web design London designer from our team will create a bespoke web design and, together with our programmers and developers, we will establish a website that will be both user-friendly and useful for your business.

Services for web design in Blackpool

We focus on delivering customized solutions for clients looking for a new website, whether for commercial or business purposes or for personal use.

Web design services can be offered as a stand-alone package (which only focuses on the design and creation of a custom website, as per the client’s indications), as well as others that focus on the content of the website and how it will pop up in search engine results (which, for some clients, can be essential for reaching more potential customers).

We are a team offering web design in Blackpool, but also other related services, as described below:

  1. Web design: complete, responsive web design that is both impressive for the user and updated with the latest security technologies;
  2. UX design: our webdesign UK developer will make sure that the webpage is optimized to allow for an adequate user experience;
  3. SEO: we will make sure that your business ranks well in Google pages; we offer custom strategies;
  4. Growth: through original content management and social media strategies that help businesses reach their intended markets.

Please keep in mind that these services are only briefly outlined herein. For most of our clients, an optimal solution is a combination of the above, with a string focus on the web design service, as most clients will require a new or an updated custom website.

Our web design Blackpool team can give you more details about any of these services. Reach out to us when you are ready to discuss your project with one of our team members.

Web design stages

Clients who need a new or updated website are often curious about how fast they can have their new website up and running.

The time needed to build a new website is different compared to the situation in which the client requests a website redesign. In all cases, there are several factors that need to be taken into account and clients can expect a period of one or two months, although this is a conservative estimate.

Each project is different, and our web design Blackpool team can give you more information about the estimated project completion dates once we evaluate your main requests.

Our team highlights the most important stages in web development below:

  1. Goals and requirements: our first meeting(s) with the client focus on answering a set of key questions; these will be essential for the further development of the project; we typically ask our clients what is the purpose of the website, what is the target audience, details about the scope of the project and what do they hope to accomplish by having a new or an updated website; we close this initial phase by also setting in place any technical requirements, if they are applicable;
  2. Site architecture: this stage includes drawing up the skeleton of the website, the sitemap and wireframes; the former includes all the pages the site will have, as well as how they will relate to each other while the latter refers to the content that will be included in the pages;
  3. Visual aspects: once the layout is determined, our web designers focus on the visual elements; these take into account the brand identity, any specific requirements from the client, as well as other design trends, if appropriate for the project;
  4. Development and testing: once the skeleton and the visuals are complete, the team defines the website, uploads relevant content, takes care of other technical aspects, and then proceeds to the site testing phase; the test phase is important as it will reveal important issues that need to be addressed before the website goes public;
  5. Launch: once our developers have fixed any initial issues, it is time to schedule the launch and, is consistent with the client’s overall social media presence, announce the new website on other platforms;
  6. Maintenance: regular updates, as well as new and updated content, are part of the post-launch phase and our maintenance packages that we provide upon request.

The steps above are only summarized for our reader’s convenience. As previously mentioned, each project is different, and our web designers will tailor these stages to fit the needs of the project.

The time needed to complete a custom website design and build can also depend on the type of website the client asks for. One example includes online stores and in this case, the development stages will also include the introduction and implementation of a secured payment processing solution. You can read more about the different types of websites according to business needs below and you can reach out to us for a personalized evaluation

Bespoke web design for all types of companies

Our team has assisted clients in many different business fields in creating or improving their online presence. When discussing your project with a web design UK programmer from our team, we will take into account your business profile, as well as the actual features and functionalities for your website. This means that the design for an e-commerce website will not be the same as that for a website that is used solely for presentation and contact purposes.

We provide web design Blackpool services for the following companies:

  1. Online stores: we help companies set up or optimize their online store; we also provide assistance for online payment gateway integration;
  2. Local companies: if you have a business in Blackpool or the surrounding area, we can help you set up a webpage through which your clients will find you in a much easier manner; this applies to plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen;
  3. Restaurants: your bar or restaurant can benefit from having an updated webpage; we can also assist those who wish to implement a system to organize reservations;
  4. Other professionals: are you an accountant or lawyer who is a freelance professional and is looking to create a webpage that will act as a portfolio? We can help you.

Regardless of the business field in which you activate, having a good online presence has become more important than ever, especially during the past two years. Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that:

  • 92% of all adults in the UK were recent internet users in 2020;
  • nearly all adults aged 16 to 44 were recent internet users (99%);
  • the number of elderly adults who were recent internet users recorded a notable growth from 29% in 2013 to 54% in 2020;
  • the number of disabled adults in the UK who use the Internet also increased;
  • London remains the region in the country with the highest recent internet usage rate, at 95% in 2020.

Websites for online stores

Our web design Blackpool team understands the specific requirements for e-commerce stores, as well as the must-have features for these types of websites.

When we assist our clients looking to create their new online store, we pay attention to the following:

  • Ease of use: online clients will appreciate a website that is easy to use; user-friendliness will also mean that they are more likely to return for other purchases; on the contrary, when the client cannot easily find what he is looking for, or when the navigation is burdensome, he may abandon the purchase altogether;
  • Mobile design: more clients are buying using their smartphones, and many of them are browsing using their mobile devices; online stores need to adapt to this trend and make sure that their website has a mobile-friendly design (such as adapting to the size of the smartphone screen);
  • Easy search: clients will want to find the products they need quickly; our team makes sure that the search option is visible and yields good results; autocomplete suggestions are also part of the advanced features we may use to increase the efficiency of the search button on your website;
  • Secure payment: having secure and widely accepted (or popular) payment methods is a must-have feature for any website; PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay are examples of these, and having these available will increase the trustworthiness of your website (and it will allow your clients to purchase your products easier).

Our team will also make sure that your e-commerce website has a customer review and rating feature (upon a prior discussion on how to best include these reviews), as well as an easy check-out process and a well-designed shopping cart.

With our help, your online store will benefit from these features (and others, as discussed and needed), as well as SEO optimization. In addition to all the above, our UX designers will work to provide your clients with a pleasing experience in terms of graphics and images.

Reasons to get a new or updated website

Your website is your gateway to the world. It is a valuable way to showcase your services or your products, as well as for selling them online. It can be used as a portfolio so that people can view your projects and contact you in an easy way, or you can set it up as an entirely online store (if your business profile allows for this).

If you already have a website, it may be outdated. Some of the reasons why you should update your website include:

  • Being able to offer the most recent technologies to your users; these refer to new payment options (as described above for e-e-commerce websites), but can also include other important updates;
  • Offering a new and improved user experience: how people navigate through your website is important and by working with our dedicated team of UX designers you will update the look of your website to reflect the most recent user experience trends and findings;
  • Device friendliness: as discussed above, people are using their smartphones more and this can also mean that an old website will not be optimized to fit all screen sizes; through an update, you can make sure that your website is responsive and mobile/tablet friendly;
  • Rebranding: when you reinvent your business, this will also mean that you will need to update and improve your website; this will reflect your new company logo (as applicable) and other important changes.

In addition to these reasons, our Blackpool web designers will also make sure that your updated website will have improved speed, and that it will meet the current data safety norms. Lastly, regular updates improve your website’s rankings.

Our web design company UK can help you if you are ready to launch a new website or improve an already existing one. As needed, our team will also offer proper counsel on related services we can also provide upon request, such as search engine optimization or personalized, original content for your webpage.

Contact us if you wish to know more about the services for web design Blackpool provided by our team. We can begin discussing your project and assist you in creating a new, improved online presence as soon as you are ready.